Short History of Coffee Drinking

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You love to drink coffee and coffee is one of your basic needs. You rely on coffee so that you remain fresh throughout the whole day and perform your daily chores with efficiency. But you are not aware of the history of the coffee that how it was found, how was the one who found the good effects of the coffee beans, and how the coffee became so popular as it is today, so here is the brief history of the coffee for you.

The coffee beans were first found in the forests of Ethiopian region and the effects of the coffee were first noted and observed on the goats by a shepherd, he observed that after eating special kind of beans his goats become more energetic and their sleep timing reduces. The special beans were the coffee beans.

The monks started drinking the drink made from the coffee beans because the coffee beans help them awake for the prayers and from there the coffee beans become famous and in a short time reached the Arabian world. In areas of Arabia, Egypt, Persia, the coffee gains the love of the local people and was drunk in the homes as well as special spots were created where people gather, gossip, drink and buy the coffee for themselves.

The trend of coffee soon reached Europe in the 17th century, at first the people ignored the new beverage and did not like the taste of the coffee, but as the time passed, the coffee was being loved by the common people, the European people started buying the cups of coffee by spending few pennies and eventually the coffee replaced the morning breakfast drinks such as beer and wine. And in this way coffee became the loved drink of the civilized people.

Coffee bars opened and sprang up in different parts of the country and people started gathering in the coffee and gossips. The green beans of the coffee are converted and roasted to obtain a better taste. There are many ways to roast the coffee beans and the roasted coffee beans have change physical and chemical properties. The coffee beans are roasted commercially on a large scale because now a day it is has become a favorite drink of everyone and thus the demand is also increased for the green beans as well as for the roasted beans. Some coffee lovers also roast the beans at home to get the freshest coffee of the time. There are special appliances designed for the roasting of coffee beans, commercially and in home at both places we can easily perform the task and can enjoy the taste of coffee made from the roasted coffee beans.

This popularity of coffee has made it a great drink with many positive advantages and people love the taste and effects of coffee and special coffee mugs are used for the purpose of drinking coffee and are available throughout the market as the coffee is there for you.


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