Top Fashion Trends in 2017

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One thing about fashion that is intriguing is how dynamic and fast it changes overnight. You might find something in trend this minute and the next, it’s out through the window. As much as this is the downside of fashion, it’s also what gives beauty and rise to new trends every other day. Each season stands out with a new trend and fashion combos that gracefully flourish by until the next season where another trend kicks in and stills the spotlight. That’s how fashion works, and I must admit it got many going crazy with excitement from the designers, models, and commoners as well. So what trends should you keep an eye on this year?



People tend to ignore the yellow color, but now it is blossoming with “50 shades of yellow” which you can try out on with great designer clothes. There is a shade of yellow for everyone regardless of your skin tone. Something interesting to add to it, their yellow color is also dominating in the men's fashion world. So, ladies and gentlemen, the yellow fashion trend is just beginning, keep your eyes wide open.

White shirt dresses

I have to admit the ambiance this little white shirt dresses display is breathtaking. They have been there for a while in the fashion world, but they never lose their grip. They come in and go out at the same rate they hit the trending charts. To add spice onto these dresses, interesting waistlines have been adopted, and unexpected hemlines have been integrated to add more flavor to the dresses. Needless say, they are great for any occasion and can be worn to work as well.


This is one fashion trend circulating the market with pride and honor. It is back on the season, and everyone is trying out new designs on it. For other trends, they better watch out as the mighty camo comes trampling on them. Everyone is in love with the trend and it just offers so much versatility to blend it with other different clothes for a stylish look. Whether you want sexy casual or cool casual, camouflage trend has got your back.

Single shoulder cutouts

In general, cutouts have been the in thing for a while now in the fashion frenzy. Well, the fun doesn’t end there as 2017 has seen the birth of single shoulder cutouts where everyone is free to try on classy and stylish designs from the prominent fashion houses in the industry. They are wild, beautiful and at the same time sophisticated that makes your skin tone pop out with the right material and color. The shoulder designs are also in trend, making it a double trouble for other designs.

High-waist bottoms

The high waist bottoms are an interesting trend, and the flowy material design they entail adds more style to it. They don’t just have to be plain black or white pants anymore. They have been stripped and painterly prints with both bright and a bit colors used on them to make them more appealing and this year, they have managed a spot on the top fashion trends.


This is not just any khaki but cool khaki. It is more of a spring fashion trend, but anything with khaki goes for 2017. It has become a celebrity show stopper, and many of them are trying out the different designs by extinguished designers in the fashion world. With khaki, you can play around with it as much as you would love to and experiment with it on other different trends to create your own trend that will make you be the talk of the town.


Stripes have been there for ages, and they will remain for ages to come. It is one of the most undying trends that has been witnessed over the years and with each year and season there is always a new stripe trend that works well with any color. They are bold, bright and brilliant and the designs are just great works of artistic minds and hands.


This is yet another trend we will will see more of in 2017 as it manifests itself with new creative designs, prints, a wide variety of embroidery and décor. This season be prepared to see the whimsical and punchy side of florals that will get your groove on. To add flair to this fashion trend, the design is being incorporated into different materials and with different cutouts for an edgier look.

Super long coats

The super long coats have been flourishing the fashion trend for decades now. We have seen more of the coats but never gotten tired as each time they are in season, they have a different material on them, or the color has changed, and even nude super long coats look amazing. Whether you want leather, furry or suede, the super long coats have it all. In addition to that, they blend in with other trending designs, and you can adjust them to your own liking depending on your wardrobe.


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