American Bald Eagle Bird Classic License Plate

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  • License plate emblazoned with a spectacular American Bald Eagle bird
  • Flaunt an eye-catching, distinctive license plate
  • Manufactured with high-grade, durable aluminum
  • Spectacular American Bald Eagle bird print resists fading in the elements
  • Dimensions 12" W x 6" H


Now, you can literally take a piece of that soul-stirring magic with you wherever you go with this signature license plate. Everyone likes to get noticed every now and then. With this captivating license plate, you'll have your fill of admiring looks out on the road.

Made from high-grade aluminum, this license plate is built to last. The image fixed to the face of the registration plate is designed to stand up to the worst the elements can throw at it.

At dimensions of 12" W x 6" H, and complete with holes to bolt the plate in place, it's ready to be stamped with your registration number! This unique number plate also makes an excellent souvenir decorator piece.

Order your one-of-a-kind license plate now and take a piece of that special American Bald Eagle bird charisma with you wherever you go.