Summer Swimming Pool Water Reusable Tote Shopping Bag (Two sides)

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  • ECO-FRIENDLY REUSABLE SHOPPING BAG: No need for ghastly grocery store plastic bags with your reusable shopping bag
  • DURABLE BUT LIGHTWEIGHT: Rugged polyester weave and tough shoulder straps will give you a long life of invaluable usage 
  • SPACIOUS YET HIGHLY PORTABLE: At 15.83" H x 16.02" W, there's more than enough room for your average grocery haul without being too bulky
  • WATERPROOF MATERIAL: Special 500d waterproof Oxford fabric will keep your purchases nice and dry
  • EYE-CATCHING DESIGN: Beautiful summer swimming pool water print bring a bit of style, flair and savoir fair to an ordinarily mundane chore


This unique summer swimming pool water tote shopping bag is what happens when striking form meets exceptional function! Forget those potato sack-style reusable shopping bags; doing good for the environment never looked so good! The gorgeous summer swimming pool water print beautifully accentuates this practical, reusable bag.

This bag may be lightweight, but it's no lightweight! Manufactured with 500D waterproof Oxford, this coated polyester cloth weave material will keep your shopping nice and dry, and won't tear or fray with long term use. The accompanying brawny shoulder straps will give you lots of mileage. Its robust construction will accommodate all your groceries without adding to your load.

Durability is just the beginning. Designed with inner pockets for your keys, wallet and phone, you can head off to the grocery without being loaded up like a mule with other baggage. This shopping bag is easy to clean and your summer swimming pool water print won't fade away with repeated washes.

This reusable shopping bag is also thoughtfully designed for easy packing of groceries, reducing your time in the checkout line.

Order your summer swimming pool water reusable shopping bag today and do your part for the environment by kicking those plastic bags for a dash of cool, reusable flair!