Summer Daisies White Mug (11OZ)

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  • Versatile mug, ideal for coffee, tea, cocoa, soup and anything your appetite craves
  • Classic mug design gets an update with a summer daisies
  • Solid color that will compliment all your drink ware, dishes and kitchen paraphernalia 
  • Manufactured with robust ceramic material that's perfect for hot and cold beverages 
  • 11 Oz capacity, dimensions: 3.23"D x 3.74" H


This drink ware isn't solely for the confessed coffee fanatic. It's also excellent for a soothing chamomile tea, an uplifting chicken noodle soup when you've got a terrible cold coming on, or warm cocoa on a cold day. And what's better than a classic mug with two scoops of ice cream?

The ways this mug can be used are limited only by your imagination. The neutral, earthy tones of the summer daisies print, makes this mug fit in nicely in your cupboard of drink ware favorites. The ergonomic, C-shaped secure-grip handle will make this mug your go-to cup of choice for most anything.

This is an update on the classic white mug, with a chic summer daisies. The glazed ceramic material easily tolerates hot and cold beverages and foods. It's also dishwasher and microwave friendly. The food-safe material of this mug ensures you get nothing out of it, other than the healthy goodness of what you put into it.