Vintage Old Grunge United States of America Flag Rectangle Mousepad

Regular price $19.95

  • Fantastic piece of tech nostalgia that's both functional and decorative
  • Rugged, non-slip rubber base
  • Coarse surface offers improved mouse control
  • Beautiful, weathered American flag print
  • Dimensions: 9.84" W x 7.87" H


In a look-back on kitschy tech accessories, this grunge vintage American flag mouse pad helps you add a personal touch to workspaces often dominated by the cold, colorless design of modern-day electronic devices.

You may be thinking, gone are the days of the trackball mouse. This attractive, dust-resistant mouse pad, though, reduces that infuriating build-up of dust on the underside of your mouse that's a real pain to clean! Additionally, the soft material of this mouse pad provides an excellent cushion for the heel of your hand, getting you through hours of computer work without the attendant discomfort.

The non-slip rubber base of this mouse pad offers unerring stability. The medium size of 9.84" W x 7.87" H gives you all the coverage you need to manoeuvre your mouse.

Order your grunge vintage American flag mouse pad for a classic tech look, with contemporary performance.